[tcb] Re: Can a collision move the engine?

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Must be Gremlins...  no, that's AMC.  Nevermind.

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But how would the pulley get bent??? the engine would move as a complete 
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Yes.  The torsion housing + weight of the transaxle + engine could have 
crumpled the front supports enough to move the entire rear assembly.

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I have done absolutely zero work of maintenance on Murray's mechanicals since 
the tree kissing. When ever I did start him to move him a few yards while doing 
the body work, there was a banging noise that I thought was the tailpipe 
banging against the body metal. When Chuck and I were replacing the electronic 
points with real points, I noticed that the crank pulley nut was loose. It took 
a few turns. I also had to push the cooling tin away from the pulley. When I 
started the engine with Chuck looking at the engine we found that the pulley is 
way wobbly.
There was no problem before the crash. I say that I was going, maybe, 15 MPH 
when I hit the tree, because I can't think that I was going much faster, maybe 
I was. 
The question is, would a front collision cause the engine to move forward, 
maybe 1/4-1/2 inch? How hard would I have to smack to cause the engine to go 
forward far enough to bend the pulley?
Let's all make a wish that the crank wasn't damaged. I'll know tomorrow, maybe.


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