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Here is the web site for A.J.'s paint shop...I hope this helps..

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> This sounds like a decent plan.
> It also sounds like WAY TOO MUCH TROUBLE to me.
> I have a friend who is in to the old rabbits.
> He has picked them up AROUND HERE, for cheap.
> He found a 82 convertable for 500.
> A NICE one owner 86 for 700.
> He turned both around for a pretty good price.
> The one in Ca. looks like a sweet deal, but I think you can find one as 
> good with out all the out of state problems.
> My friend does not have one right now but he is looking. I know of a 
> couple other places to look if you want me to.
> Sorry I can't volunteer to drive the one back from Ca. for you.
> Thanks for the heads up on the state wanting the cars out of Ca.
> On Nov 23, 2004, at 1:26 AM, Gerald V. Livingston II wrote:
>> John (current owner),
>> I am sending you a copy of this via "Bcc:" (no one can see your email
>> address) so you can see what I've found out. Could you scan all the
>> paperwork you have and email it to me so I can show Texas DMV? I want 
>> to
>> make absolutely sure all my ducks are in a row.
>> If no scanner I can give you the fax number at my office.
>> BSKA/VintagVW/TCB Lists:
>> Well, it appears CA just wants cars GONE from the state. And TX is
>> accepting of pretty much anything too.
>> Transport tag -- get it in CA -- go into ANY DMV office and buy them,
>> blank, for $15 each. Fill them out when you need to use them.
>> Private party sale -- "Don't tell us if it's leaving the state and 
>> wasn't
>> registered anyway. Get a bill of sale and take it."
>> So, there is a listmember who is somewhat near who has offered to have 
>> a
>> look as time permits. I want to get the VIN from the current owner and 
>> have
>> DPS run it through NCIC.
>> If it passes muster I'll contact the listmember and Priority Mail the 
>> money
>> out there (listmember is closer than me, but it's still a healthy 
>> drive --
>> want to make it a one trip deal). Listmember can set a day and go 
>> look. If
>> OK, buy, hit closest DMV and get 2 trip tags (one to move it from HB 
>> to the
>> South, the other to fill out for the trip to Texas), and take it home 
>> to
>> sleep in the driveway until BBB. I'll get it then, either by extending 
>> my
>> trip to it's location or by finding someone with a spare driver from 
>> near
>> there (just north of San Diego) who is coming to BBB.
>> The above is a "simplified outline". Lots more paperwork nvolved. I'll
>> probably have to send a notarized letter giving permission for others 
>> to be
>> "transporting" a vehicle with my name on the bill of sale.
>> How I get it from CA to TX is another issue fraught with variables -- 
>> but
>> I'm creative. TX DMV said I should check with AZ and NM to see if they 
>> will
>> accept the CA transport tag as a valid temporary tag or if I'll need 
>> to one
>> especially from each of those states also.
>> Gerald
> Dan & Katrina Martin
> 1971 VW Bus
> H.B.B.
> T.C.B.

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