[tcb] Bus Depot Add-A-Room Side Tent Review

  • From: kelly dosch <kellydosch@xxxxxxxxx>
  • To: Texas Coalition of Buses <tcb@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Sat, 19 Feb 2011 20:35:56 -0800 (PST)

  In case any of you have been considering selling a kidney to buy one these 
rudely over-priced tents, I highly recommend it. 
  I think it is really every bit as good as they claim, if not better. 
  Is it really over $400 worth of tent? Not by any stretch. For that money one 
might expect a Sherpa to carry it for you. But they have cornered the U.S. 
market so it's all about supply and demand.
   Does you want one or does you don't? 
  I searched long and hard and finally found some side tents across the pond. 
They had some interesting tents but they don't ship to the U.S.. I checked the 
prices of a few remailing services, did the math, and one might as well get 
plowed by Bus Depot for all the trouble it was worth. Plus, Europeans are not 
terribly concerned with having a floor in a tent. That just doesn't fly down 
here with the swarms of mosquitoes. 
  The Bus Depot tent makes an impressively snug fit against the bus and has a 
bottom curtain so wind, bugs and varmints don't just wander in underneath. 
  The canvas is thin but stronger than your average tent. The poles are built 
like a tank. 
  These tents are built to last. 
  It actually packs down a bit smaller than they estimate and the tent, poles, 
and ropes and stakes are in 3 different bags, so you can spread them throughout 
the bus more efficiently than if it were all one huge mass. 
  It is heavier than all hell at 85lbs, but most of the weight is in the poles. 
(which is a relatively small bag that will disappear, flush,  in the front 
cargo rack) They are very heavy duty and built to last. Since It is something I 
want to last as long as my bus I cannot fault them for that. The poles are the 
cornerstone of the tent and it is safe to say they will last forever. 
  The extra "changing room" is on sale, but I don't recommend it. It literally 
takes up half the tent. If you are shy about changing with your guests it is 
easier to just do it under the blankets or in the john at your campground. 
  I didn't pay over $400 for a tent just to use half of it to change my pants 
  I just wanted to give everybody my two cents worth because it is a lot of 
cash to drop on a product from a company that offers no reviews. They don't 
even have many pictures and the ones they have are crappy. I don't even think 
the one in the picture was entirely set up. It looks like a big potato sack. It 
really tightens down much nicer than the pic. 
  All told- Are they overcharging us? Hell yes. But it did just turn my tiny 
Campmobile into a virtual cabin, adding 100 square feet of living space. 
  Their profit margin must be shameful, but if you are camping with more than 2 
people I still think it is worth it. 
  And if you still want a changing cabin, just get the $35 Coleman shower. At 
least you can bathe in it as well. 


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