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I like Derrick and I don't mind his prices.
I just think its cool that he's willing to deal. When Dan Martin and I drove up there a few years ago, he had everything I needed and I feel like I got a pretty good price.
Not a terrific price, but I didn't feel like hunting and pecking any more.

Denis Dodson wrote:
$8500 is the owner's price. He charged you $25 for an original off an actual bus. He charges whatever he charges. Maybe he liked your friend more than you. Mid-America probably sold you a Chinese or a Brazilian repro knockoff. I think that you should think about what you say before you say it. Derrick may or may not charge too much, but you certainly have no right to judge him, and you shouldn't insult him in print.

I believe that I have heard some knock on every business or person that has ever sold a VW part. From Steve at Wolfgang to Izzy's safari windows, Jack at Black Gold to V-Dub Folks in Grand Prairie. Somebody will say that the stuff was too expensive or crap.

If you don't like dealing with original salvage of stuff that is getting incredibly rarer as we speak, that fits and has held up for 40 years, buy all your stuff from Mid-America, the people who told me, insisted, that the rubber mat on the floor around the pedals in the Splitty comes in three pieces. I would put up Derrick's stuff against their cheap crap any day.

Let me qualify that statement by saying that Mid-America re-sells products from outside suppliers, some of them quality. Like Sew-fine and Wolfsburg West.

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is $8500 derricks price? cause he charged me $25 for a tailight that cost 10 in mid america...the same tailight i was recommended to buy from derrick from someone else who only was charged $15 so yea if that is derricks price divide that by 2

guess what i found an idiot in-law...actually a cousin in northern arkansas that might be interested and i thought i would really test the waters out there and see what all is out there. i have yet to look at the bus but through a friend i have heard that it does run and stop. so that is a plus. i don't really want some ultra-rare never before seen bus with a bunch of time and money spent on it i want a project i won't have to unload all my money into the motor and never have time or money left for body work. i am still focusing all my energy to hershey right now and am fixing ot start sanding down his body panels and get him ready for 3 more areas of welding and then paint. i have an artist lined out to paint the bus with a similar style graffiti as you would see on a freight train...no hippy crap for me. and when i am done with the body i might not want a splittie anymore but for now i am just tired of messing with it. i love driving it and have recently been driving the holy hell out of it including the almost 600 mile tract this weekend plus the 300 miles i put on it last week and the already 40 miles i have put on it today.

my bus has a flawless engine and that is one thing i will miss, is my professional built super runner 1600dp with the true full flow system.

will, you might ask how do i know it is true full flow, well here is the answer: the oil galley on the left hand side of the case where all the oil flows from the pump into has been tapped in two different spots for external lines and a plug has been put in the galley so all oil has to go through the filter before it hits the engine. and soon, possibly this weekend there will be a cooler there as well.

________________________________> From: coocoo@xxxxxxx> To: tcb@xxxxxxxxxxxxx> Subject: [tcb] Brian, Brian, Brian> Date: Mon, 17 Sep 2007 11:35:08 -0500>> I don't want to knock Bay busses, my best friends are Bay bus people, but you are not going to find anyone to trade a Split for a Bay. Splits are getting extremely rare really quickly. The only way to get one for anything like a realistic price is to find a complete piece of s*** and restore it. Or have an idiot for a brother in law.> Somebody, last week or so, left a '64 walkthrough panel at Wayout. It has small body metal spots and the floorboard under the driver and passenger is rusted through like Swiss cheese. The edge of the cargo door floor is rusted out, but that is about it for the body. It starts and stops and drives. It has head and tail lights, new glass all around. The owner wants $8500. That is too much for me, but I can see that it is probably not a bad price for a running bus.> Good luck.

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