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Ahh that makes sense.

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Its one o' them Eastern religions...ya know, like whar
some o' dem has a bunch o' arms and stuff...
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> Humm.  God has multiple asses?  I am not familiar
> with that religion.  ;-)
> Good things happen to good people.
> Bad things happen to bad people when they get
> caught.
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> I don't have an Idiot for a brother inlaw and he did
> turn me on to a really nice piece.It's Karma that he
> even has a rebuildable engine with not much
> damage.AND I have Blue Bus.It's almost ready for the
> state inspection.I still have to get the turn
> signals going then it off to see the inspector.Most
> of what I've had to do is find and reassemble stuff
> and rearrange some wires.Most things are working
> including the instruments, dash lights,horn,rear
> dome light,The turn signals are not working and I
> don't have a license plate light yet.It looks like
> I'm going to have to pull the tranny and find out
> where the big CLANG is coming from.
>   I am on the search for a horn button for the big
> steering wheel and some bumpers that are repairable.
> I think the Bus God is watching over Denis and
> probable laughing his asses off.
> ole blue
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> I don't want to knock Bay busses, my best friends
> are Bay bus people, but you are not going to find
> anyone to trade a Split for a Bay.  Splits are
> getting extremely rare really quickly. The only way
> to get one for anything like a realistic price is to
> find a complete piece of s*** and restore it. Or
> have an idiot for a brother in law.
> Somebody, last week or so, left a '64 walkthrough
> panel at Wayout. It has small body metal spots and
> the floorboard under the driver and passenger is
> rusted through like Swiss cheese. The edge of the
> cargo door floor is rusted out, but that is about it
> for the body. It starts and stops and drives. It has
> head and tail lights, new glass all around. The
> owner wants $8500. That is too much for me, but I
> can see that it is probably not a bad price for a
> running bus.
> Good luck.
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