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I am pretty sure I have a spare horn button for a stock steering wheel



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I don't have an Idiot for a brother inlaw and he did turn me on to a really
nice piece.It's Karma that he even has a rebuildable engine with not much
damage.AND I have Blue Bus.It's almost ready for the state inspection.I
still have to get the turn signals going then it off to see the
inspector.Most of what I've had to do is find and reassemble stuff and
rearrange some wires.Most things are working including the instruments, dash
lights,horn,rear dome light,The turn signals are not working and I don't
have a license plate light yet.It looks like I'm going to have to pull the
tranny and find out where the big CLANG is coming from.

  I am on the search for a horn button for the big steering wheel and some
bumpers that are repairable.

I think the Bus God is watching over Denis and probable laughing his asses


ole blue

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I don't want to knock Bay busses, my best friends are Bay bus people, but
you are not going to find anyone to trade a Split for a Bay.  Splits are
getting extremely rare really quickly. The only way to get one for anything
like a realistic price is to find a complete piece of s*** and restore it.
Or have an idiot for a brother in law.


Somebody, last week or so, left a '64 walkthrough panel at Wayout. It has
small body metal spots and the floorboard under the driver and passenger is
rusted through like Swiss cheese. The edge of the cargo door floor is rusted
out, but that is about it for the body. It starts and stops and drives. It
has head and tail lights, new glass all around. The owner wants $8500. That
is too much for me, but I can see that it is probably not a bad price for a
running bus.


Good luck.


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