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Thanks Ronnie, I've been checking out your work on the website.=20

Looks really good.


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Hey Trey,

I bought replacement panels from Wolfsburg West and Bus Depot.  On the
I bought, turns out they both use the same vendor - Klokkerholm.  All
panels had red and white stickers on them with this name.  All panels
well and the metal thickness was similar to the original.  I did not
weld on=20
the panels though, I glued them in place.

I bought the lower left rocker from the Bus Depot and I don't think they

gave me the right piece.  It fit, but it didn't have the drain grooves
the edge like the right side did.  I didn't want to mess with shipping
back so I used it anyway.

I like doing business with WW because of their professional service,
delivery and very good packaging.  All panels received in boxes with
lots of=20
popcorn packing material.  Now I didn't like chasing the popcorn down
street after the trashmen made a mess.

I tried contacting Alan Schofield, but my e-mails kept bouncing back.

Anyway, either vendor has the same panel supplier, so go for price and=20


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> Need some help in finding the best "body panels" that's out there. I
> some at Bus Depot and West Coast. Anyone (Ronnie? ) here have some
> thoughts
> I'm talking about the right and left rear corner sections for now.
> Thanks Trey

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