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Thanks Duncan!
I will bring bacon & milk.
I have to go now, I have to go make some dog biscuits...

Katrina & Dan Martin
71'bus "Homer"

On Jan 10, 2007, at 7:51 PM, Ronnie Hughes wrote:

Mark me down for 1 lb of sausage and 1 dozen eggs. I'll have my coffee pot and electric skillet to cook the eggs in.


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I've offered to take the lead on planning group meals. We want to keep Kat's stress level down. ;)

Friday night every one can fend for themselves due to the spaced out arrivals (pun intended!) or we can plan a dinner for those of us that will be there earlier in the day. A head count of early arrivals would be helpful in planning a dinner on Friday. Me and Cindy are arriving about midday or mid-afternoon. Any suggestions?

Saturday's breakfast is Taco Burritos. Me & Cindy will bring potatoes. She is also making pumpkin bread for breakfast. Denis will make rice & red beans. Looking for volunteers to bring the following:

1 dozen of Eggs
Another dozen of Eggs
1 pound of Bacon
Another pound of Bacon
1 pound of Sausage
Another pound of Sausage
1 gallon of OJ
Anudder gallon of OJ
1 carton of Milk
Another carton of Milk

Saturday lunch is the Shrimp boil.

Denis is making a stew for Saturday dinner. We can all pitch in whatever we want, so long it tallies the amount of his food costs. Fair? Oh, are there any other vegetarians out there besides Cindy? He's making a small pot of stew without flesh in it.

We should also try to provide him a head count of how many will be sticking around for dinner verses going to the Strand. His fees are, of-course, cider, cider & more cider. What brand was that again, Dennis?

I have some venison that we will grill separately and slice up. Anybody that wishes to add it to their portion of stew can do so. Or maybe we can eat as an appetizer while waiting for the stew to simmer. If someone wants to bring a few pork lions, we can grill those too and do the same.

Cannot wait to see everyone! Not sure if you remember but we met most everyone for the 1st time at last year's BulliGras. Do we get any fashionable "VW Bus Fashion Ladies Friggin' Club" anniversary pins?

BTW: Thor is very gentle with smaller dogs so no worries Chris. Kat's just giving you a hard time. . .only 'cause you're so easy. ;-) She should now bring Diego some Thor bisquits just for being so mean. ;)

BTW 2: I hope this email is decipherable. I just upgraded to the Windows Live Beta for Hotmail and it's doing strange things. Okay, this is another chance to rag on me for criticizing MS while still using their products.

Cindy & Duncan
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