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Julie:  Me hopes you are not planning taking that new shinny 21 window to Big 
Bend and driving on those roads.

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No Bays for this adventure.

And the camping in Big Bend Ranch State Park will be primitive, very primitive. 

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I've asked if bays were invites several time and have not gotten a response.
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I wonder if bays will be welcomed or scorned?

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We almost went in the Vanagon last month.
We LOVE it out there!
Might have to consider this one.

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There is a new and exciting event happening for those with Split Window Buses. 
 Here is a copy of the info that has been posted on Aircoolers by Gary  a.k.a. 
Mean Machine:

Big Bend Bus Bash!!! November 2011

Do you have a Split Window VW Bus...know someone who does...have you been 
longing to go on a real road trip in your Bus...hang out with fellow VW Bus 
freaks...is the journey as much a part of your life as the 
destination.....Well, if you even remotely said yes to any of these, you should 
open up the week before Thanksgiving 2011 for the 1st Annual BIG BEND BUS BASH!

We wanna pattern this kinda like the Mt Shasta Snow 

While we want to all eventually make a Mt Shasta Trip, we figured, hey, lets do 
something equally mad and go to Big Bend in our VW Buses.

The plans are firming up so we want everyone to join in on the journey.

Hopefully in time we'll have a website up of some sorts with more info and 
details, but for now, here 'tis:

Meet in Luckenbach, TX Sat Nov 19. Remember, everyone is somebody in Luckenbach.
Next morning we head West. Right now, we are planning a 1/2 way camp in 
Seminole Canyon on Sunday Nite before the final descent into Big Bend Ranch 
State Park on Monday, Nov 21.

Big Bend Ranch State Park is the largest state park in Texas and offers wide 
open spaces, crazy roads, and just about everything and anything. We plan to 
camp and explore for 3 days, and then official camp break out will be Friday, 
Nov 25.

What's the cost you ask? Your time, your energy and your spirit. B4 is a result 
of a brainfart from a few of us drinking beers and hanging out at an AAC 
Offishal gathering one nite and saying, "hey, lets go on a road trip'.

So get your Bus ready...and if you don't have a Bus, get one because this may 
just be the road trip to end all road trips. 

More to come!

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