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Wow I didn't know it got that warm, they told me to bring a heater so I
assumed it was pretty cold, must be the nights. We'll prob leave that thurs
noon and drive almost straight thru arriving Fri evening, it's a little over
a 1000 miles for us, we average 60 and take turns driving. Whats the show
like? How many? Parts?

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Shorts and T-Shirts in the daytime and light jackets at night? What's wrong
with the January weather in Havasu?

Well, actually, in 2002 it was in the mid 30's at night and never quite
reached 70 during the day. But '03, '04, and '05 were all pretty nice. You
have to pack fo either extreme though.

I'm om the frappr map (http://www.frappr.com/BBBX) and planning to make my
5th trip this year -- and it's the 10th anniversary for BBB.

Having traveled both ways I would suggest going south down 35 to 10 rather
than driving across 40 in January. Flagstaff sucks beans in cold years. In
2002 we stopped there for a break and it got down to -5. In 2003 there was
snow but the temps stayed in the 30's so it wasn't so bad. '04 and '05 I
drove across on 10 and usually had the windows down.

I'll be off the 9th to the 19th. Still trying to decide if I will go up and
camp with Jerome and that crew for a day or two in Tyler before heading out
or to make it a long slow camp-daily trip. I'm thinking I might like to
leave on Monday the 9th and take back roads all the way across. It's about
1500 miles from my house and at an AVERAGE speed of 45mph that's a 33 hour
trip non-stop. Figure a driving speed of 55 - 60 mph and 12 - 14 hour
driving days with 10 - 12 hours of camping/refueling/sightseeing I could be
there by Thursday some time.


On Fri, 16 Dec 2005 12:11:56 -0600 Sharon Chamberlain <iluvvws@xxxxxxxxxxx>

> We don't have any vacation time left this year so I guess we'll be staying
> home til January- we're thinking about going to Buses by the Bridge in
> Havasu, Arizona Jan 13-15  but the weather isn't too good there so we
> know if we really want to go. Anyone been to this or heard anything about
> it?
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> Katrina and I are thinking of going to Carlsbad Cavern/Guadalupe NP  
> (weather permitting) on our vacation. (12/23/05 to 01/03/06) we will  
> most likely head west from Houston on 12/26/05. If the weather looks  
> bad that far north we will head to Big Bend/Stillwell instead. Any of  
> you going to join us?

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