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Brian will be the guy NOT CAMPING in his NEW CAMPER this year!
So far, I'm in!
Dennis, me and several others will likely get there around mid morning Friday, 
with a second wave in the afternoon. 
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man take me next time. sounds like a hella good time. i laughed about the 
cavity search thing. that is pretty funny. 
eureka...i'm there sent in my registration, been driving the bus to work 
running great. see you there in your pimptastic ladies man murray. 
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>It looks to me like you had a normal uneventful Denis Dodson excursion. 
>ole blue 
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> Yes, it's 4:11 AM and we are home now. We heard the volcano make a big 
> >noise, hit the road, stopped at a coffee shop in San Ramon and met the 
> >whole family, stole some limbs with real coffee beans on it off a roadside 
> >coffee bush and got to the airport to find out that the world had changed 
> >again. We had to throw away all the shampoo and creme rinse and hand 
> >lotions that Jan loves to collect first thing from all the hotels, all the 
> >toothpaste, sun block, eyedrops, nasal spray, bottled water etc. and had to 
> >be searched THREE times before we could get on the plane. Then the Atlanta 
> >airport closed for a couple of hours because of weather, so we had to land 
> >at Augusta GA (bless Jan's heart, with our "we will go anywhere" attitude, 
> >she jumps up and says, "Cool, we're in Augusta!" but they wouldn't let us 
> >out because we were an International flight and Augusta has no Customs. So 
> >we took on fuel and after about an hour (we watched Mission Impossible 3) 
> >we flew into Atlanta and went through customs, but we had to go through 
> >security to get OUT of the airport. I joked with the guy at the metal 
> >detector that I had been cavity searched twice and he laughed and shook my 
> >hand and he said "Welcome home". I have never had a security guy shake my 
> >hand. 
> By the way, we still smuggled in the coffee twigs. If they had asked me, >I 
> would have given them up, but they searched my bags four times, saw them 
> >each time, and never said anything. 
> We were going to get an Atlanta hotel, but since all the flights were so 
> >behind and screwed up our flight to home was delayed and left in only in 20 
> >minutes, so we got on board and had to wait in a LONG line to take off and 
> >we landed at XNA and came home. The dogs were glad to see us and I made ham 
> >and eggs, and I'm going to sleep in my own bed. 
> Breakfast in a little town in Costa Rica and home in my own bed in 15 >hours. 
> God bless America, God bless us one and all. 
> P.S. We saw 7 busses, all Bays, one being a water-cooled Jetta, straight 
> >from the factory in Mexico. Only two bugs, both old, in good shape, no new 
> >beetles. 
> P.P.S. Now, on to Eureka Springs. What are the plans? 
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