[tcb] Re: Annual Eureka Springs Statement Time

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  • Date: Sat, 28 Jul 2007 10:36:06 -0700 (PDT)

      We can take up a pot and bail June out.      

mike@xxxxxxxxxxxx wrote:   

Mike And June will be in jail for letting their son participate in physcoblooie
and I started working for a new company and have no leave time and work on 

Quoting Denis Dodson :

> Chuck called me this morning and asked if I knew how many busses would be
> coming up for the Eureka Springs show. I told him that almost everyone says
> that they are not coming, but that many do anyway.
> I predicted three or four from Texas.
> The only clear NO I have received has been from Julie Maroney. She's got 5 or
> 10 reasons, ranging from moving to New York or Tucson to having more kids or
> her bus doesn't have enough colors, etc. etc.
> Mark and Emily will have tickets for a Donnie and Marie reunion at Reliant
> Stadium. Or Leo Sayer. Or The Knack.
> Eric and Amy will be having this same baby or another one by then.
> Peter never goes anywhere I go.
> Neal will be having a neck transplant.
> Gerald will have been swallowed up by the East Texas swamps and not heard
> from for years.
> The Real Fred will be at a YES convention in Youngstown, Ohio.
> Dan and Kat...who knows?
> I have not got time to sit here and think up all your excuses for you guys.
> Come up with your own.
> So, it's time for the Annual I AM NOT GOING ALL THE WAY UP THERE statement.
> Steve and Sharon will come. Paul will come. Sammie will come. I can't
> remember if Allan and Sue will come, Sue does like that new Vanagon, though.
> I also told him that we would not get very many responses before Monday,
> since I think everyone does this list thing at work. (Don't worry, Mark, work
> will come). Try to keep this thread still alive until then.
> I have to go now. I am trying to figure how to put the body on the walking
> Godzilla lawn sprinkler. I am VERY busy

Paul Smith


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