[tcb] Re: A couple more FNG's!

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  • Date: Wed, 17 Nov 2004 10:25:41 -0600

Thanks to Dan and Katrina we have been brought into your group. Looking forward 
to hanging with you guys when I get the chance. I work for the worlds largest 
gas station  ;-)~ and don't get alot of time off...
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  Subject: [tcb] A couple more FNG's!

    The "Bighead Conglomerate" has joined the T.C.B.!

  Welcome Bo and Tina! (houston) Bo has a 60 single cab,
  Tina has a beautiful 63, 15 window delux!

  Welcome Shane and Tina! (beaumont) Shane has a 62 single cab. (on 
  bucket status) And some other VW I think........

  Bo's Tina is kinda disenchanted with the VW scene here in H-town, It 
  has lost some of the "fun" for her. She has been
  challenged by the local "malcontents" and is prepared to SELL her bus 
  and buy a pop up camper trailer!
  So you can tell she NEEDS to hang out with us sometime SOON!

  Welcome to the group guys!

  Dan & Katrina Martin
  1971 VW Bus

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