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Take a walk on the wild side"and the colored girl say doot,da doot 
'or was it Lola "L-O-L-A- loloa 
Paul Smith
Transporters@The Point 8 
October 7,8 and 9 ,2011
Morgan's Point Resort Texas

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Verdict is still out.

Oh, ouch.

OH. Man.


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I thought Kelly was a "she"..  Sorry dude. 

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Kelly ,I don't think you would like T@P8, no comforts of home.But lots of 
comfort food.
Paul Smith
Transporters@The Point 8 
October 7,8 and 9 ,2011
Morgan's Point Resort Texas

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Soon his skin will be as thick as everyone else and he can graduate to "real" 

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Oh, poor Kelly. Everyone just seems to pick on him.


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I too had a great time.I went camping and a VW show broke out.I turned into a 
camping slug went to bed at a reasonable hour ,I think,Enjoyed seeing 
everyone,except kelly.Then I found out he was hiding in the trailer park.Blue 
bus managed to get me home again.I even had to clear the way for the bomber 
which actually ran all the way.Murray had to be push started so there was only 
one stop.
   It was a great show as usual thinks to lots of work and headaches by Steve 
and Sharon.
The new coffee pot worked great Denis didn't like it so he's cut off.
  My lovely wife who stayed home with some rare Africian rash is on the mend 
,maybe.The Drs. think she may be having a reaction to her medication.It seems 
they have changed the formula or something.Cindy.
 thanks for a great week end

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Subject: [tcb] A GREAT weekend!

I am home. I am tired, but soooo greatful for such a hoot for an event.
Every year I wish I could shoulder more of Steve’s burden, but I think he has a 
fantastic time, no matter what he says. 
We all are aware of all the work he and Sharon and all the worker bees do so 
that I can come down and get drunk and yell and stay up late. Most of you don’t 
know, but the whole thing is really about ME. I know, I know, you all think 
that it’s about the cars and the hobby and stuff like that, and I like to 
share, but it’s been a secret for long enough and it’s time we all stop 
pretending. Steve and Sharon may not even realize what they have created for my 
entertainment and gratification. I appreciate all the little people that make 
it such a great event, and I look forward to next year. 
Now a few questions: 
What the hell is Flippy Cups and why did it need to involve the cops? 
Why didn’t Robb change his clothes all weekend? He wore his jacket when it was 
80 and shorts when it was 38. Doesn’t he get hot?cold? 
Eric may be the luckiest man on Earth. His kids are beautiful and smart and 
Amy…the luckiest man on Earth. I guess that wasn’t a question, just an 
After all the grief Kelly handed out grief to all the light weights who went to 
sleep at Bulli Gras, did he camp out at the RV park with the old people and 
their parents? Did anybody actually see or talk to him? Some of us really did 
look for him, maybe at night in a glow of LEDs. 
Murray had to be push started to leave, began blowing gobs of oil (but not 
leaking at a stop), tried to have brake problems (but didn’t) and started 
popping out of 4th gear for the last hour of the trip to Chuck’s house. I drove 
into Chucks yard and straight on to the trailer. No stopping to unload or 
anything, straight on to the trailer. It was like the WW2 movies about the shot 
up B-17s limping back to England all shot up with only one engine, half the 
crew dead and on fumes. 
We won that war, too. 
Funny thing is, I think it’s all minor crap, the result of taking a 48 year old 
bus out of winter storage and driving it for 12 hours. 
Anyway, thanks for everything, you were all great.

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