[tcb] Re: 1st Moonlit Cruise & trip to town

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Why are we leading Sarah to believe that there is going to be a special TCB 
camping area?  I don't remember us camping as a group at The Classic.  Some 
folks will want to be in a quieter area and other folks will want to be in a 
not so quiet area.  Some will be camping with their swap stuff.  Some will have 
posh digs at an RV site.  Some will be slumming it, like me.  Some will be with 
their hometown gang or club.  Some will be staying in rooms that have AC and a 
mint placed on their pillow every night.  Sadly, some have other obligations 
and they won't be there at all.  

On Apr 6, 2012, at 11:39 PM, "Duncan" <whocanduncan1@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:

> a.) All buses are purty. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, especially if 
> they beholding a 21 or 23 window
> b.) When DOESN'T Sharon have to help Steve dress?
> c.) I've already signed up with Tyler to volunteer with counting votes on 
> Sunday
> d.) They can use all the volunteers that sign up
> ;)
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> Sarah    I am sure someone has answered        but my 2 cents     We all need 
> to sign up  . so we can help be a real part of the show . All my stuff is 
> junk & I am not a " show " person , but I still add my junk to the line of 
> VWs . More people have ugly VWs than purty ones . They all have their own 
> personal charm .  The Tx Classic is not made to generate cash , just to pay 
> the bills & have fun   .  Everyone thats works with the Classic has more fun 
> than CENTS .   Just a reminder all    HELPERS  can line up now .     Steve C 
> . is to goofy that weekend to be of much value .   Am I right Andi , Tyler ?? 
>  you all know Sharon has to help him put on matching clothes , that weekend  
> .  Thats why we ALWAYS have a show shirt ( so Steve knows what to wear )      
>  Aint that right Larry ?                terry 
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> Now ain't that interesting! I'd be afraid of losing the top when going down 
> the 
> road.
> BUT glad you had successful drive.
> Steve or Tyler can answer the question about registering but you will have to 
> checking and pay for camping at the office. It's a separate expense but also 
> inexpensive.
> Also, as FYI, the hosts of our email list, freemail.com, frown upon 
> attachments, 
> although you will see similar ones as yours once in awhile. We all break 
> rules 
> on occasion. Somehow it just seems right and consistent with us driving VWs. 
> ;)
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> On Apr 5, 2012, at 12:42 PM, photofreakk@xxxxxxxxx wrote:
> > Hey Ya'll
> > 
> > Here's our udate:  We had our 1st moon-lit cruise and drive last night 
> > after 
> all the tuneups and a trip to town this morning, All a Success!   
> > 
> > Hope to meet everyone at the Tx Classic!  Do you need to register if your 
> > just 
> coming to hang, and not competing for any award? 
> > 
> > Sarah 
> > '85 Westy
> > <a Lennon's 1st trip to town.jpg>

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