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Hi all,

I had a chance to have students complete the survey in my last class and the
results were interesting and helpful for me.

It appears that they are understanding the benefits of a TBL environment with
students indicating they are gaining a good understanding of
concepts/principles in this course. 'The team helps me to get other ideas that
support my understanding'.

Several comments indicate that students would like me to 'switch it up' and put
them in new groups, or that they don't like that there are members of their
group that don't contribute or are vocal. Some want more time to complete the
RAT. All pretty typical responses I would think...

I will be using the feedback to bring back to the teams the agreed to peer
evaluation components, which they completed as team tasks.

I'm trying to find a good balance with writing RAT questions and allocating the
right amount of time to complete the RAT's... but overall enjoying the model
and feel it is beneficial to the cultural mix of students in my program.

Interested to hear how others are faring...


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