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Thanks very much for the responses - helpful!

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Hi Lynda and Katarina,
I agree with Kat's response.

Another way to get them to think analytically about questions, when they
complain about "fairness" and "confusion" is to ask them to re-write the
question in a way that would be more fair and a better measure of
understanding. Sometimes they'll actually improve it. At the very least, the
process might get them to reflect on what it is the question expects them to be
able to do.


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I had an appeal on my first RAT as well. I indicated, and got the info from the
TBL workshop slide, that to appeal they had to cite the text or reading and be
specific (I.e. page 73, paragraph 3, sentence 2) indicates blah blah blah. This
showed that they remembered info and proved that the answer they chose was
plausible. I gave them the points.
Not sure if that helps, but that's what I did.

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Hello TBL'ers,

The first appeal has come my way and I'd be interested in any feedback on how
to proceed. I wonder if I need to provide more coaching on how to appeal, given
this appeal below seems very general- " we felt all the responses were

I'm assuming I need more information to consider before granting the appeal...?
This is from the first 'official' RAT and I'm wondering if they didn't do the
readings, or take them seriously, or if the test was more difficult than I
imagined...? Very few students passed the I-RAT.

Thanks very much!

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Today in class we had to do a readiness assessment test. The test was based off
the readings we were assigned on communication and listening skills. To our
group, the test was a little more difficult than expected. I think it was also
due to the fact we weren't prepared individually, therefore we didn't do well
as a team.

We did struggle with understanding the questions. Question 1 asked " According
to the 'Active Listening' article, which of the following statements is most
true?" We agreed as team it was " D." The answer was actually " E" which really
confused us because D seemed like the better choice.

We also discovered that throughout the test, the answers were somewhat similar
and it was hard to pick which answers in a short matter of time. Also for
question 6 we answered "C" when the correct answer was "A." This was unclear
for us, because the answers were similar, and the wrong answer could have been
right depending how everyone's perspective on it.

Also for question 9, the correct answer was "C." We didn't understand this
because again, the answers all seemed like good answers therefore it was
difficult to pick the "correct" answer.

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