[tas-list] Re: Venus transit rain-site?

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Weather looks ugly doen't it;  clouds;  less so as one moves towards pasco.
Hope to see you in the canyon sometime on tue; chuck


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I have plans,,

Betty H and I are going to be at the Big Pines campground on the Yakima
River Mon and Tue. This campground is on the old highway running between
Ellensburg and Yakima. The walls of the canyon are quite high but I am sure
the sun will still be well up at 3 in the afternoon. For the transit we are
going to move a little ways towards Yakima,,,down the river a couple of
miles to the Roza rec. area. There are mountain sheep to watch here as well
as a Red Tailed Hawks nest with three young ones in it on the cliffs across
the road. At least the three little ones were still in the nest a week ago.
Any-way this will keep us entertained until the transit. There is lots of
space here for cars and there are rest rooms and pic-nic tables.

Jerry Cotey 


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Subject: [tas-list] Venus transit rain-site?

So I'm not liking the forecast very much, yet. Are there any tentative
plans for a day trip to somewhere with a better view if it becomes
necessary? Maybe Paradise Inn on Mt Rainier will be above the cloud
deck? I'm not sure if that's often the case, or not.

Anyone have any backup plans?


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