[talks-uk] Re: Should the latest Talks read The Internet and e-mails on a Nokia C5

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Sorry for the delay with replying here.

Where would I be able to purchase an upgrade to Talks Premium? Computer Room Services maybe?

I rung Vodafone disability services who put me through to Nokkia who then put me through to Newance Talks software company who were totally unhelpful!

I ended up getting annoyed with the Vodafone Disability services who advised me to do clear the "cash" and do a software re-set, but this is only reading out the name of the internet web sites and not the web content pages.

I've tried all the various Talks speech settings but still no joy!

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Vodafone install Talks free of charge, it is not Talks Premium and generally is not the latest release. I do not think you can complain to Vodafone but if you have had Talks put on your phone by Vodafone you will be able to upgrade and you can ask Vodafone if they will kindly credit your account. I have never had a problem asking Vodafone to do this for me. Just ensure that you are able to explain your situation well to the person in Customer Services. If you feel you are not getting your point across then ask for a Manager or just call again that day and hopefully you will get someone else who will understand you. Good luck. You should succeed.
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HI Alexanda

You have probably hit it on the head so to speak, and I will get onto
Vodafone and complain as the internet was working in the shop, but I
couldn't hear talks properly due to the background noise.

I am very disappointed, but it may be that unless Vodafone will install the
latest and more advanced version of Talks then I may have to downgrade the
Nokkia browser.

This is almost like a JAWS and windows internet explorer version 8 problem I


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Hi Mark,

In answer to your question, my phone doesn't work on the
internet with talks, although I've just tried it and can
just about see the screen.

Before replying to your message on this thread I read the E5
related thread you started, and my guess is that in the case
of both our phones the current version of Talks doesn't
support the browser used by Nokia on those handsets.
Although in your case your problem may be compounded by your
Talks version if Vodafone installed Talks for you, as they
generally only install Talks Standard.  In my case, I
purchased the phone from Vodafone but had a Talks dealer
install Talks for me for reasons not applicable to this
thread, so am running the latest Talks Premium.

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