[talks-uk] Re: Resolution to my two issues

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  • Date: Wed, 7 Apr 2010 13:14:21 +0100

Rob, I found summary after a call works if somebody calls me, but not if I
call them. This is with mute on a call set to never.



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I have found a resolution to my two issues and thought I would share this
with you in case anyone else is having similar problems.  I am using the


1. Summary after call working when it feels like it.  I have now worked out
how to get round this.  Go to the Talks & Zooms settings, and on the advance
tab, change mute during a call from always to 5 seconds.  The call summary
then works fine for a simple telephone call, but if you need to press
buttons for an automated service, it won't work, but it does if you press
delete then end call at the end of the call.  By pressing delete, this
clears any numbers you have typed in during the call.


2. Texts not reading automatically when opened within the inbox.  Thanks to
Steve Nutt for this one, I changed the speech delay rate to 0 and everything
works fine now.




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