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I don't think the unlocking of the phone has anything to do with the
performance or what works and doesn't on the phone... In fact, I would be
quite sure of that.
The reason you can't update firmware on the Vodafone or any other branded
phones is the same as it was which is that the networks decide what bits
they want adding or taking away from the firmware release then the phone
manufacturer goes back, makes the changes and at some point in the distant
future, the customer finally gets the update relased.


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Vodafone now have their contract phones unlocked but of curse they are
branded.  I am of the opinion (and maybe Barbra is too, I do not know) but
if a branded phone is thenunlocked its functionality is not quite the same
as prior to the unlocking.

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Steve, I do agree that the N79 is a lovely phone and works excellently with
TALKS. I just got put off with my faulty one, or more precisely which Nokia
messing me around with it. Also, after they sent it back it had problems it
didn't have when they got it.
Mat, I know people who have used the N85, so it works okay with TALKS.
I too always get phones SIM-Free as I don't like unlocking.
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Hi Matt,


The N97 won't be supported not only because it is touch, but because it is
Symbian Fifth Edition, not Third. Fifth will only be supported when there
are more than one or two phones that use it I would imagine.


The N79 is a lovely phone. I know Barbara will disagree, but I have had mine
a week and it is great. Wifi works fine on my one.


N86 is going to be a good phone when it is out, but if you depend on
operators, you may be unlucky.


I always say the best way to buy a phone is Sim-Free. Then it is unbranded,
and not tampered with by the operator. Expensive yes, but you usually get a
better phone.


Having said that, I got my N79 with T-Mobile, simply because they offered it
to me for free.


All the best





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Hi, I've just checked with T-mobile in the UK and they aren't going to be
getting the N86 sadly. It also doesn't look as if they'll be getting the


I still can't decide which phone to get! Someone said that the N85 is also
compatible with Talks but it isn't in the list of phones published by


I only hope the N86 will be because the list of accessible phones that are
new or current is getting thinner, has anyone else noticed that? I know
Nokia are bringing out more touch-screen phones, and obviously they're out
for us, but there isn't really a sensible alternative to Talks on a Nokia.
The Windows based phones crash all the time, and the Mobile Speak system
isn't the best in the World, what are we going to do?


I hear that the N97 is unlikely to be supported by Nuance because it
integrates a touch screen as well, but according to Nokia the phone is
completely accessible via the qwerty keyboard so the touch screen isn't
necessary. I wonder if Nuance will rethink that one.


Just interested in what other people think. I had a look at the E71 and
absolutely hate it! The keyboard on it is completely stupid!



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