[talks-uk] Re: Can Talks work with FM Radio on a C5:00?

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Talks doesn't always work with FM radio as there is a clash between the two.

However, to get around this problem, you can do the following:-

If you have Talks premium, go into the FM radio and press talks+star,

then do options and select app specific settings

after this, press options and select add app specific value and scroll down 
to mute and select.

Once you have done this, press select and scroll down to Mute Yes and press 

You should find that everytime you go into FM radio, Talks will be muted.

I know this sounds rather long-winded but it should save you problems in the 

I hope this helps.


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Hi Alexander

I have a C5 and have found that you can either listen to the radio or use 

I got round this problem by using Talks to navigate to the radio, turning 
Talks off, pressing Ok to activate the radio and pressing Ok again to hear a 

If you need to look at the radio menus you have to turn Talks back on and 
the radio does not work.

I have set lots of preset stations so now I don't worry about talks when I 
am listening.

Pele West

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