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I sure hope the driver is not connected with the police or there will be no 

I have heard that people obey the laws that are convenient to them.   Likewise, 
the police enforce the laws that are convenient for them.


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  I'm hoping that the initiation of the red-light running ticketing program 
will help flush out the answer here.
  I certainly think driving behaviors have degraded since the advent of cell 
phones and especially texting! 
  However, I've also heard law enforcement's argument that they have "more 
important" things to do than catch speeders, etc.
  You would think that an increased law enforcement presence would in fact 
improve drivers' behavior. I will say that if my neighborhood is any example, 
it, sadly, does not. Cops are out in force many, many days in the school zone 
near my home... and I see at least 2 cars pulled ever each day for speeding in 
the well-marked school zone. So, for all the days and years the school and 
school zone have been there, and all the days and weeks the cops have been 
there, apparently the drivers that frequent this area keep believing "They 
won't catch me."

  On a related matter, below I have pasted an update to the hit and run 
accident on Madison street over the weekend.

SUV connected with Saturday hit-and-run identified
published Sept. 27 11:17am

An SUV traveling near Florida State University's campus was identified by an 
FSU police officer as the vehicle connected with Saturday's hit-and-run 
incident on West Madison Street, reported Officer David McCranie, spokesman for 
the Tallahassee Police Department, in a news release.

Kathy Raynor, 59, was struck by a vehicle while walking along the 700 block of 
West Madison Street, the release said.

Witnesses said that the SUV drove off after hitting Raynor. They described the 
SUV as a black newer model, possibly a Jeep Grand Cherokee, with tinted 
windows, black rims and damage near the driver's-side headlight.

According to the release, the SUV was seized after an FSU police officer 
matched it to hit-and-run witnesses' descriptions. TPD's traffic homicide unit 
is investigating the SUV.

Raynor suffered serious injuries and is currently in serious, but stable 
condition at Tallahassee Memorial Hospital, the release stated.

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