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I also think that there is a problem with identification.  For example here
in south Florida there are many hit and runs.  Especially when the driver
knows that they have hit a Blind person.  They know that the burden of proof
will be on the person who is hit at the time, and again, if there are not
any witnesses, the mater goes unsolved. Times are very tough for Blind
people right now, and we as a community must do things that protect us, as a
community.  There are major problems with job security, housing, trying not
to get killed just walking down the streets, being taken advantage of by
people, who feel it as their duty to run us down, at their will. We are
living in very different times then those who are older then us, and people
are not as nice.  And they are very careless, about other things, much less
Blind people. Although it is not something I would do.  I believe that Joe
might have a point.  He is doing something that fits his needs for the
moment.  And we all ought to take a look, at what works for us as a
community, and as individuals. As people get more detached from reality with
their cell phones, and IPods, and head phones, things are only going to get
worse. We need to be able to function within these guide lines, because as I
said before.  Other people are not going to stand up for us, if we are not
for ourselves.  The great Rabbi Hillel said " Who will be for us, if we are
not for ourselves."  We don't need to be afraid, or fearful, but we do need
to pay attention to things, not expecting people to care, or watch for us.
We are living in a very selfish age. Just my thoughts.   

I'm glad to be your humble and obedient servant,

Zechen Elder Daniel Ben Moshe,
B'ni Yahshuah Synagogue Of Broward County,
Choose ye this day whom you will serve.  If YHWH be Elohim, then serve him,
with all of your heart.  However, if Baal be your god, then serve him.  As
for me, and my house.  We choose to serve YHWH!

The late Bishop Joe O Patterson told a story long ago, when I was a small
child.  about the show down, between Elijah, and the 450 false prophets of
Baal. He shared with us how Elijah, stood, and told the false prophets to go
on ahead,and call their god first.   Because they had a much larger program.
He talked about how they had 450 participants to introduce. Elijah was so
sure of YHWH, he with confidence said, that he only had one.  Elijah also
reminded them, that they had to drag their fake god up the mountain side on
an ox cart.  Elijah also announced to the world, that his Elohim would be
there when he arrived.  He said mockingly, you go on ahead.  Heck, I will
even let you have prime time.  I'M going to take a nap, and when you guys
finish your foolishness, wake me up.  Go ahead now, take your best shot.
Bishop Joe O Patterson
A blessed memory



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Hi  chip,
Your assertions are borne out in all the articles I have read--many more
than I want to think about--about blind people involved in accidents with
motor vehicles.

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pedestrian/auto accident report yesterday

I agree with William here: police don't in force the laws regarding
wrecklace driving, in my opinion, when it happens as part of a right on red,
probably because they turn right on red themselves quite frequently, and
figure it could have happened to them.


I think it's happening much more often because of cell phones, and other
distractions, although the right on red is just designed for accidents to
begin with.


So, if it's happening a lot more often, and police aren't doing anything
about it, it's a dangerous combination!


The other times, when a blind pedestrian is involved, I think they
automatically just assume the blind person can't see what they're doing, so
probably stepped out into traffic at the wrong time.  You'd have to have
several very vocal witnesses before you could overcome this prejudice.
Therefore, I think the driver will seldombe be charged when a blind
pedestrian is involved.





Chip Orange
Database Administrator
Florida Public Service Commission

(850) 413-6314

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necessarily reflect those of the Florida Public Service Commission.)

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I sure hope the driver is not connected with the police or there will be no



I have heard that people obey the laws that are convenient to them.
Likewise, the police enforce the laws that are convenient for them.







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pedestrian/auto accident report yesterday


I'm hoping that the initiation of the red-light running ticketing program
will help flush out the answer here.
I certainly think driving behaviors have degraded since the advent of cell
phones and especially texting! 
However, I've also heard law enforcement's argument that they have "more
important" things to do than catch speeders, etc.
You would think that an increased law enforcement presence would in fact
improve drivers' behavior. I will say that if my neighborhood is any
example, it, sadly, does not. Cops are out in force many, many days in the
school zone near my home... and I see at least 2 cars pulled ever each day
for speeding in the well-marked school zone. So, for all the days and years
the school and school zone have been there, and all the days and weeks the
cops have been there, apparently the drivers that frequent this area keep
believing "They won't catch me."

On a related matter, below I have pasted an update to the hit and run
accident on Madison street over the weekend.

SUV connected with Saturday hit-and-run identified

published Sept. 27 11:17am

An SUV traveling near Florida State University's campus was identified by an
FSU police officer as the vehicle connected with Saturday's hit-and-run
incident on West Madison Street, reported Officer David McCranie, spokesman
for the Tallahassee Police Department, in a news release.

Kathy Raynor, 59, was struck by a vehicle while walking along the 700 block
of West Madison Street, the release said.

Witnesses said that the SUV drove off after hitting Raynor. They described
the SUV as a black newer model, possibly a Jeep Grand Cherokee, with tinted
windows, black rims and damage near the driver's-side headlight.

According to the release, the SUV was seized after an FSU police officer
matched it to hit-and-run witnesses' descriptions. TPD's traffic homicide
unit is investigating the SUV.

Raynor suffered serious injuries and is currently in serious, but stable
condition at Tallahassee Memorial Hospital, the release stated.

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