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Thanks Robert for willing to take the time and do the hard work to help
folks out in the community. It really has been a long time coming.




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Just wanted to keep you all posted.


To day I had a phone conference with Andrea Rosser, Ivan Maldonado and  Jan
Hudson with Dial A Ride to express our concerns.  They were very concerned
with our problems and are willing to work with us to resolve them.  We
should be getting an official response soon that will address  our issues
and the measures they will take to correct the problems.  As far as the 20
minute rule to check to see if you are on the schedule and the 30 minute
rule to check on the status of your ride, this  wasn't any thing anyone on
the call was aware of.  They are going to try to find out where this came
from and hopefully do away with it.  Dar is also going to be implementing a
new software program that will allow you to schedule your trip on line and
also check the status and location of the vehicle that is scheduled to pick
you up.  The software is expected to be implemented in 6 to 9 months.  I did
ask that it be beta tested by people using assistive technology and was
assured it would. Dial A Ride has worked out an agreement with Big Bend
Transit to assist in handling the over flow and over booking of riders until
additional vehicles and drivers can be purchased and higher to meet the
increased demands.  They have already budgeted for 3 new vehicles.


We also talked about the roodness of      reservationist and the fact that
people are lied to about the status of there trip.  I suggested that a
confirmation number be given when you call to schedule a trip so there is no
question that you actually scheduled the trip.  Also the new software I
mentioned above should also allow them to record your call when you call to
schedule a trip.


I Also took the opportunity to stress the need for tactual markings at bus
stops and I think the point was made and well received.


I'll keep you posted as I learn more.





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