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I agree with you 100 percent.  I hope the parents sue the socks off the city,  
My grand son's mother got hit and killed while riding a bike and in Florida the 
max for wrongful death is $100,000.00  not much to be divided between 4 
children after the lawyers get done.  It's not only Tallahassee, it's the 
general attitude, cars rule and kill.


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  I have been saying it, and I will say it again.  We as a community must start 
getting prepared to take care of ourselves.  We have got to stop believing that 
other people are going to move on our behalf. There should be disabled groups 
screaming and raising all kinds of hell at the city of Tallahassee, and at your 
local congressmen. ACB, NFB, should be on the phones right now, coming together 
with other disabled groups to put together a protest. There is no reason, that 
this young woman who was already overcoming her disability on a daily bases, 
should be struck down by some stupid kid who has never faced a consequence in 
her life.  And because she cries, and feels bad, she will prob have to do some 
community service of some sourt. Mean while as a community, we get mad, but go 
silent, after a while. I think we should really think about what has happened, 
and ask ourselves the question.  What if this were any of us?  What would we 
do?  Would we just shrug our shoulders, and move on, or would we want our 
friends, family members, and community to stand behind us? Dr. Martin Luther 
King said, there just comes a point where you just get tired.  Has that time 
come for our community?    
  I'm glad to be your humble and obedient servant,

  Zechen Elder Daniel Ben Moshe,
  B'ni Yahshuah Synagogue Of Broward County,
  Choose ye this day whom you will serve.  If YHWH be Elohim, then serve him, 
with all of your heart.  However, if Baal be your god, then serve him.  As for 
me, and my house.  We choose to serve YHWH!

  The late Bishop Joe O Patterson told a story long ago, when I was a small 
child.  about the show down, between Elijah, and the 450 false prophets of 
Baal. He shared with us how Elijah, stood, and told the false prophets to go on 
ahead,and call their god first.   Because they had a much larger program.  He 
talked about how they had 450 participants to introduce. Elijah was so sure of 
YHWH, he with confidence said, that he only had one.  Elijah also reminded 
them, that they had to drag their fake god up the mountain side on an ox cart.  
Elijah also announced to the world, that his Elohim would be there when he 
arrived.  He said mockingly, you go on ahead.  Heck, I will even let you have 
prime time.  I'M going to take a nap, and when you guys finish your 
foolishness, wake me up.  Go ahead now, take your best shot.
  Bishop Joe O Patterson
  A blessed memory

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  I guess we all know what will happen to the FSU student that ran over the 
woman in the wheel chair. I don't understand it either?????
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    I just can't get over an article in today's Democrat: a short summary of it 
is that Willy Megs (the State's Attorney), has decided not to file any charges 
against the driver of an automobile who hit and killed a teenaged driver, when 
she ran a red light speeding 20 MPH above the limit.  The incident occurred in 

    The facts of the light being red and the driver speeding aren't being 
disputed; Willy Megs however justified his decision by saying "We all speed and 
we all run red lights."

    This is absolutely unbelievable to me!  This says to me, drivers, it's open 
season, whatever you do, it's going to be ok, because we all do it!  

    This is especially bad news for pedestrians, who are in much greater danger 
from drivers, and I suppose are covered under this blanket decision not to 
prosecute if one should be killed.

    If time allows I'll get the text of the article and post it.  I just can't 
get over it though: no matter how badly a person is driving, we can't expect 
anything to happen to them (unless it's a ticket; then, the city and county and 
state need the money!)




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