[tabi] Re: twentyfirst centyry grocery list

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s chip that is correct. One needs to fill the area with the barcode then listen 
for the beep that indicates. the capture. Ones eyesight needs to be fairly good.

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On Oct 17, 2012, at 1:55 PM, "Chip Orange" <Corange@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

> Lynn,
> I meant to ask you how easy was it to find the barcode on things using your 
> I-pad camera?  Iâve been told that you almost have to know where the barcode 
> is before one of these camera based systems can process the barcode (you 
> canât just rotate the item until it spots the barcode as you can with 
> something like a talking barcode reader) is that correct?
> Thanks.
> Chip
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> Hello app fans:
> yes it is a grocery list for your I product.
> Description
> Grocery shopping made quick and easy with the features you expect from the #1 
> grocery shopping list app. Build lists from our extensive product database 
> using text, barcode, or voice search; sync and share lists with other devices 
> and the GroceryiQ.com website; find related coupons and much more!
> Itâs called Grocery I Q. I took it for a walk today at Publix and it did what 
> it is supposed to do. I found It fully accessible with Voice Over. The 
> barcode reader has minimal function in that it only tells you the name of the 
> product an adds it to your list. After all the  app is free.
> yes there is an app for that.
> https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/grocery-iq/id290591617

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