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Hi all,


Below is excerpted from the disability.gov digest I receive weekly.  It
helps you with specific questions and answers to disability-related issues
with income taxes and special credits and refunds (yes, you can get a refund
even if you did not earn any money).  There's a link to a blog in the middle
of the short excerpt below, so make sure you haven't set your email to
convert everything to plain text, and make sure your screen reader is set to
identify links for you:



Should You File a Tax Return? 


Read Disability.gov's latest guest blog to find out if you may miss out on a
refund because you haven't filed a tax return yet. Plus, learn about other
services the IRS offers low income individuals and families, as well as
people with disabilities.

ple-with-disabilities/> Services at the IRS for People with Disabilities

By Guest Blogger Kathy Davis, a Lead Senior Communications Specialist in the
Wage and Investment Division of the Internal Revenue Service 

The Internal Revenue Service (IRS) understands the growing need to ensure
individuals with disabilities receive equal access to tax assistance and
financial education information. We have established guidance, programs and
policies to support taxpayers with disabilities, as we are aware that they
face unique challenges when attempting to meet tax obligations.

To address these challenges, the IRS provides many services that help all
taxpayers - and those with disabilities often find these services
particularly helpful.

Free Tax Preparation Services:

The Volunteer Income Tax Assistance and Tax Counseling for the Elderly
teers>  programs offer free tax return preparation generally to people who
make $53,000 or less. IRS-trained volunteers provide free service along with
electronic filing to qualified taxpayers.

The IRS community partners host VITA/TCE tax return preparation sites across
the country, helping those who cannot do their own returns or afford paid
preparers. Last year, our VITA/TCE sites prepared more than 3.6 million tax
returns. This resulted in nearly $4 billion in refunds. Taxpayers who took
advantage of this free service also saved money in return preparation fees.
More than 500,000 of the 3.6 million returns were prepared for people with

ple-with-disabilities/> Read More



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