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thanks Darla, that would be a great benefit if it works out.

yes, CHP members can use Walgreens, and I have for 15 years; that's why I'm
perturbed by losing them come July 9.  I know the state PPO plan is also
losing access to Walgreens, but I don't know about any others insurance
options the state may offer; I've stuck with CHP for 25 years.



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dear Chip,
I also understand CareMark will put Braille labels on bottles, though I
didn't know that when we had CareMark.
Darla & Precious Roxy
P.S.  Can employees use Wallgreen's for immediate prescriptions?  I do not
like CVS at all.
Darla J. Rogers
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        Hi all,
        If you use Capitol Health Plan as your health insurance, state
employees (at least) have just been notified that they will no longer cover
prescriptions from Walgreens, as of July 9.  I believe it's January 1 if
you're getting CHP coverage through Medicare.
        You will need to move your prescriptions on file with a walgreens
pharmacy to  a caremark participating  pharmacy, which should be listed at
        I believe CVS is one such pharmacy, and they do offer a mail refill
service for "maintenance" medications.  Unlike Walgreens however, they will
not automatically contact your doctor's office with a refill request for
controlled substance prescriptions.
        This is very short notice, so I thought the sooner everyone knew,
the sooner you could begin to make other arrangements.

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