[tabi] to all state and county employees: Protect Florida's Pensions

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  • Date: Fri, 11 Dec 2009 20:25:01 -0500

please see the urgent letter below.


From: Alex Sink [mailto:campaign@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx] 
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Subject: Protect Florida's Pensions

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Dear Allison,

There's a problem with the state pension fund, and as Florida's CFO, I'm
trying to fix it.

Right now, Florida's pension fund is managed by a committee of three elected
officials - the Governor, the Attorney General, and me. If I weren't on the
board, no one with business expertise or professional investment experience
would have any say in how the $112 billion Florida pension fund was being

Who knows who we'll have making these decisions in 5, 10, or 50 years?  We
need a long-term, responsible solution.

That's why, just this week, I proposed a reform plan to provide more
oversight and accountability by adding non-political experts, financial
professionals, outside auditors, and a pensioners' representative to the
state pension fund board. But I was voted down 2 to 1.

So now I'm asking for you to lend your voice to the fight.

net/app/view:Join/signupId:66931/acctId:35093> Sign my petition now: Show
the politicians in Tallahassee that you support my plan to bring real reform
to Florida's pension fund, and protect our investments for years to come!

When I first offered my reform plan, Bill McCollum's response was "If it
isn't broke, don't fix it." Well, that kind of thinking is unacceptable to
me: Leadership is about fixing the problems before they become financial
crises, before they devastate folks' retirement funds, and before they put
the state in financial jeopardy.

Necessary reform is being blocked by career politicians who would rather
protect their own political interests than your retirement. It's outrageous
- and we have to put a stop to it.

But to win this fight, I need you standing with me. The politicians in
Tallahassee need to know that we are watching, that we demand change, and
that we will hold them accountable.

net/app/view:Join/signupId:66931/acctId:35093> Sign my petition now: Support
my plan to bring real reform to Florida's pension fund, and protect our
investments for years to come!

Thank you for joining me in this fight to protect all Floridians' financial


 Alex's signature
Alex Sink
Florida CFO
P.S. After you've
net/app/view:Join/signupId:66931/acctId:35093> signed my petition, I hope
you'll forward this email to everyone you know. We need thousands of
Floridians to join us and stand up to protect the retirement of teachers,
police officers and firefighters.
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