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Hi all,
state government is coming up to it's annual open enrollment period,
where you decide many of your payroll deductible choices for the next
I wanted to mention again the option of medical reimbursement.
this allows you to pay for medical and disability related expenses with
money which is tax free.
The disability related part of the statement above is of particular
note: this includes the cost of getting a guide dog, and the cost of
care and feeding of one.  buying specialized devices for the blind, such
as screen readers, notetakers, talking gps guides, barcode scanners,
etc.  if it's produced especially for someone with a disability, it
I want to point out that last year Allison and I claimed $4000 of
medical reimbursement expenses, and so we saved $1000 in taxes.  This is
definitely worth bothering about if you can take the time to think of
qualifying expenses.
I'm mentioning it now so everyone will have time to plan; I'm told we'll
be receiving open enrollment info at home next month, and it will
contain info on changes to this program, so be sure and read about the
changes.  I know one of them is you no longer have to submit your
expenses; you'll be given a special debit card to purchase the items
with instead.
If you're not working for a governmental agency, ask your employer if
they participate in medical reimbursement; if they don't, ask why not?  


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