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  • Date: Fri, 12 Mar 2010 22:00:26 -0500

Hi all,

We recently received a newsletter from AFSCME, asking that everyone call
their federal representatives, and ask them to pass a bill giving aid to
states for governmental activities, in order to avoid possible layoffs.
here's a couple of excerpts:

"The Senate passed $26 billion in aid to state and local governments on
that will save jobs and help America's working families - and your hard work
this possible.
Not only that, but this bill will also help states pay for unemployment
and Medicaid programs that are being cut to the bone. But here's the thing:
not out of the woods yet.
State and local governments continue to face massive budget shortfalls that
critical public services in every community across the country. That's why,
in addition
to saying thanks for helping us win this time and encouraging final action,
I hope
you'll pick up the phone one more time today.
Leaders in the House of Representatives have told me their fellow
need to receive more phone calls from members like you.
Please dial 1-888-460-0813 and ask to be connected to your Member of
 Urge your Representative to support aid to state and local governments like
colleagues in the Senate did, and ask them to support emergency funding for
the State
Fiscal Stabilization Fund."

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