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HI Chip,

So making a short cut to the file on the desk top won't work?


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Hi all TeamTalk users,

Attached to this message is a TeamTalk .tt file for the TABI group.  if
there is a scheduled meeting, you can just press enter on this file name
(assuming you're looking at it in a windows explorer file list), and it will run TeamTalk, attach to the correct server, and join you to the TABI group.
in other words, you'll go right into the voice conference.

In fact, you can press windows plus R to open the "run" dialog, and just
type in the file name (for instance enter c:\temp\tabi.tt) and it will be as
if you had opened a windows explorer window and then pressed enter on the
file name.  this is true of any file in windows in case you didn't know
about this handy shortcut.

If you haven't yet downloaded TeamTalk, please go ahead and save this file;
just in case you want to try TeamTalk, this will make it a lot easier.

your first time going into TeamTalk, it will ask you a few questions, such
as what your nickname in the conference should be.

This file for anyone who is curious, is xml, which is ordinary text, so you
can open it in notepad and have a look at it.

thanks, and I hope everyone will consider participating so that we can do
something as a group together; even if we're not sure what it is yet, it
will be nice to put aside our group affiliations, or old hard feelings, and
just do something together as a group.



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