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When I was in the Orlando area, for the FCB convention this year I was 
interviewed on the Blind Matters show. It was a hoot and I agree with you that 
it is fun to take in.

I also want to thank you for your post on how to make a difference.   We all 
know the best way to have a healthy influence it to make change from the 
inside.   I do although, think even though there are a number of things to 
complain about, this list and others would do better to lean toward the 
positive side.   Debating head to head, needs to be handled in a different 
venue and bring the decisions forward from there.   We are all human and no one 
is 100 percent correct:  or wrong.

Hope you and yours are doing well and I still remember that breakfast.


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  I recently received a copy of the email announcement below:

  I want to let everyone know about a talk show which originated in Orlando and 

  is syndicated in several radio markets. It is called the Blind Matters Radio 

  and is hosted by Michael and Lynne Golder. It is the only show of it's kind 
in the

  United States. It started in Orlando a little over a year ago. Michael has 
not been

  blind all that long, so input from some of the rest of us who have is good. 

  also have guests which they interview. They are also looking for sponsors. 

  does a great job interviewing. I am hoping that some people in the outlying 

  will start to call the show and that this e-mail will cause their 
listenership to

  pick up. They air Saturdays from 3 PM to 6 PM EDT and are streamed as well. 

  is the information.

  First syndicated radio show of its kind in the country..an all talk show 

  to the visually impaired and the blind. Entertaining and informative.

  Laugh and learn with Michael who is legally blind. What makes this show 
unique is

  that the host, many of the guests and some of the advertisers are also 
visually impaired

  or blind. We value your input and ideas.

  Let's hear from YOU on Blind Matters Radio. Call in and say "hello" live 
every Saturday

  from 3pm to 6pm EDT. 800-788-9575

  It's YOUR show! Looking forward to talking to you.

  Listen to Blind Matters on these stations:

  1520am WBZW - THE BIZ - Orlando, Florida OR Listen live directly from


  Home Page. Just click on livestream button and you will be linked directly to 

  program at 1520am.

  Affiliate Stations:

  1230am WBZT - West Palm Beach, FL

  WZNZ AM1600 , Jacksonville, Florida

  WTAN - AM 1340 - Tampa, Florida

  WZHR - AM 1400 - Tampa, Florida

  WAFS Biz 1190AM - Atlanta, Georgia

  WWDB 860AM  -  Philadelphia, PA


  Email: Michael@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  Sherri Brun


  Character is the side of yourself you choose to show the world.

  Integrity is what you do, what you say and how you act when you think no one 
is paying


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