[tabi] the AirDrives Fit ear-buds I mentioned earlier

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  • Date: Wed, 6 Jan 2010 19:43:52 -0500

Hi all,

the ear-buds I mentioned a few weeks ago, the ones designed so that they
can't fall out of your ear, and they rest on the outside of it so that you
can still hear other sounds, finally came today and I absolutely love them!

they're light-weight, and very small and compact, just like regular
ear-buds.  the trick is that you don't cram these inside your ear at all,
but they rest really on the edge of your face, right up against the outside
of your ear, and a loop of the cord goes up and around behind your ear, and
is clipped to itself in such a way that you tighten it to fit, and then they
don't fall off.  and I have no trouble hearing my book and other people in
the room talking to me both.

They're not the best music experience ever, but you can hear your music well
enough, and still hear other sounds.

These are called AirDrives Fit, and are available from Amazon for $31 with
free shipping.

Now, I told you Sendero when I first mentioned these, but what Sendero sent
me, for a total of $48, were the kids version of these, which normally
retail for half the price of the standard ones, because they're bright blue
and plastic.  Sendero told me "there's no difference" when I called, and
there was a protracted argument with them before they agreed to take them
back.  I cannot recommend doing business with Sendero, at least for the
AirDrives Fit ear-buds.


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