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Below is Allie's descriptive map of the layout of the new Publix:

As you face the store, there are 3 sets of doors, left, middle and right.
The left set of doors is an Entrance/Exit with carts to the right of the
doors as
you go in. (This left set of doors is closest to the other shops, like
The right set of doors is an Entrance/Exit with carts to the left of the
doors as
you go in.
The middle set of doors has no carts and is primarily an exit because it is
the Checkout.
Entering from the right set of doors, you are in a foyer that holds the
carts.  You'll
go through an entryway and then you're in the store proper.
To the left after the entryway are stairs which lead up to the cooking
school and
to a mezzanine which looks out over the store.
Near this right hand entrance is the Customer Service Counter.  (On your
left a little
way after you come into the store.)
* Perimeter of the store *
Starting at this right hand entrance and going around the perimeter of the
To the right as you walk in, on the front wall are books and magazines and
shelving with all sorts of cooking gear.
On the front right wall and the rightmost front of the store in
free-standing shelving
is the organic dried foods section
, including bulk food like nuts, grains, dried fruit, sold by weight and you
as much or as little as you want
.  A huge gluten-free section is found here as well.
The rest of the right hand side of the store is the pharmacy.
The back wall is dairy (with a break in the middle for restrooms.) except
for ice
cream which is with frozen foods, aisle 14.
Back left of the store is meat and seafood.
Middle left of store is wine and specialty cheese.
Middle left but a little farther toward front of store is bakery.
Front left corner is a little cafe to sit in with the food you have foraged
;)  There
is also another set of restrooms here.
You are now at the left entrance of the store.

The front of the store is a long set of cases which
runs from the left side of the store to the middle along the front of the
store with
several stations:
Deli with gourmet and ethnic foods
Traditional deli foods like fried chicken and mac and cheese
Hot and Cold Sandwich Bar.
Near these Deli cases is a long free-standing counter with salad bar on one
Chinese food on the other side and 4 soup of the day choices at the end.
(Allie's Note: Everything we have tried from the new Deli and Hot Sandwiches
been excellent: Parmesan-crusted tilapia (fish), Mediterranean rice, roast
beef and
blue cheese sandwich on ciabiata and a sandwich with roasted vegetables with
cheese.  I will see about getting a menu for you all or typing it in because
I think
it is going to be such a convenience to have all of these mini-restaurants
where you grocery shop).

The middle front of the store has checkout and the middle exit.
We've now finished with the perimeter of the store.

* Middle of the Store *

Looking at the aisles facing the back of the store, Aisle 1 is near the
at the right of the store and Aisle 15 is near the left of the store.  The
produce section is almost like an additional aisle; it runs down beside
aisle 15, from the rear of the store all the way to the salad bar.

*Summary of Aisle Contents*

Aisle 1: ?
Aisle 2: Cookies, Crackers, Canned Juices
Aisle 3: Apple Sauce, Canned Fruits, Canned Veggies, Mushrooms, Macaroni,
Aisle 4: Canned Meats, Soup, Ethnic Foods, Kosher Foods
Aisle 5: Cocoa, Coffee, Tea, Syrup, Peanut Butter, Jellies, Honey, Canned
Milk, Oats,
Grits, Cereals, Dietetic Foods
Aisle 6: Cake Mixes, Extracts, Spices, Sugar, Salt, Flour, Yeast, Baking
Soda, Meal,
Dried Fruits, Raisins, Prunes, Gelatins, Pie Crust, Ketchup, Mayonnaise,
Oils, Olives,
Pickles, Vinegar
Aisle 7: Candy, Toys, Marshmallows,
Aisle 8: Batteries, Light Bulbs, Dog Food, Pet Foods
Aisle 9: Charcoal, Insecticides, Matches, Paper Goods, Tissue
Aisle 10: Ammonia, Bleaches, Brooms, Mops, Cleaners, Disinfectants, Moth
Balls, Soap-Detergents,
Aisle 11: Bread, Soft Drinks, Water
Aisle 12: Cold Beer
Aisle 13 - 15: Frozen Foods

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