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Scott, sounds like you found something of use maybe for walking or exercise
monitoring? Pulse rate can be obtained in most talking blood pressure
devices. I have seen two, one for BP and heart rate and one with a
glucometer too.

Eva McElvy
Independent Living Specialist
Lighthouse of the Big Bend

On 1/29/10, sgreenblatt76@xxxxxxxxx <sgreenblatt76@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> I appreciate the thought but I need something I can use when I'm either
> spinning on a stationary bike or jogging with a partner guide.
> Scott
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>   It may not be quite as convenient, but most of the talking blood pressure
> monitors I've seen also have a talking heart-rate function.
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>     I can't believe I'm the only exercise enthusiast on this list so I've
> got a request for advice. I was looking around to find a talking heart rate
> monitor through Google but only found one option. the Talking Heart Rate
> Monitor with FM radio from Oregon Scientific. I don't know anything more
> about the item than what the website told me. I'd like to know if anyone
> else has any experience with talking heart rate monitors and if you can
> recommend one to me. In case anyone is interested the website of the monitor
> I found is:
> http://www2.oregonscientific.com/shop/product.asp?cid=6&scid=9&pid=596
>     Sincerely,
>          Scott Greenblatt Esq.
>     (850)212-3353
>     sgreenblatt76@xxxxxxxxx

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