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I was forwarded the below information which may be of interest to those 
grilling-out through-out the summer.

Chip Orange
Florida Public Service Commission
Computer Systems Analyst

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hi, with talking about the talking IRT (infrared thermometer ) I
thought would put this out there as well. This is to cooking
thermometers that is made by iGrill. They use a iPhone and Android app
. The iphone app is called iDevices and is free in the app store.
This app is accessible as they the app maker work very closely to the
A T Guys to make sure it was for the blind and thereforth making the
thermometers accessible. The iGrillmini is 40 bucks and uses one
probe. The iGrill2 uses up to 4 probes and is 99 bucks. Below is a
link to the A T guys site with a podcast of the devices. In fact I
will give a link to the site as well to the podcast below. Enjoy and
hope this will help some out there.
Here is the site of the IRT and a podcast on it below. Enjoy!



Here is the link to A T Guys site and the podcast on the iGrills and
link to the iGrill site.





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