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  • Date: Tue, 21 May 2013 22:32:29 +0000 (UTC)

You can sign David and I up, we are ready to play, I have been hoping someone 
else would want to get one started. 

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Hello, my name is Beau Borton. I know a lot of you and look forward to meeting 
others of you. This post is to tell you I am interested in starting a beep 
baseball team here in Tallahassee, and I would like to gauge the interest level 
and see who else might be interested in participating. If you don't know beep 
baseball is a version of baseball/softball for the blind and/or Visually 
impaired of almost any age or sex. If you are interested in learning more about 
the game go to the National Beep Baseball Association's home page at 


or watch the segment ESPN did on beep baseball on the show E60 last week. 

You can also email me at beausebastian19@xxxxxxxxx or call me at 850-227-4476 
if you have questions. 

Anyway, if you are interested in participating email, call or post on here. By 
the way we will also need some sighted volunteers so if you know people who are 
interested in helping have them contact me as well. 

I look forward to hearing from a lot of you and hoping you will join me on this 
fun journey. 

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