[tabi] Re: something to consider re upcoming StarMetro changes

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  • Date: Wed, 21 Dec 2011 17:50:04 -0500

yes they have been talking about putting TV monitors on the buses for some time 
now. I haven't seen any as of yet. Unless I am going across town I don't stay 
on any bus long enough to get interested in a show. WI FI they have on most 
busses now. 

They have GPS readings on their maps now. I was at the Tallahassee mall stop 
the other day and a Star Metro employee was taking the reading for that stop. 

Also I came across several different sounding audible signals. They constantly 
beep to get your attention, when pressed they say waited over and over again 
until it is ok to cross. Then there is a ratcheting sound and the signal begins 
to count down the seconds. 
east park avenue at capitol circle NE
the intersection at TMH
Blair Stone just south of K  Mrt

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  Hi all,


  Just an FYI, I'm told there is a plan to fit buses with a TV playing a video 
loop (with sound track) called "Transit TV".


  My thought is that adding such a source of noise to an already difficult 
environment will make navigating the bus system much more difficult for those 
who depend upon environmental sound ques.  If this is really the plan, this may 
be something which should be discussed first between the StarMetro folks and 
the blind community's representatives?




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