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Hi all,

for anyone who'd like to write the city commission because they'd like their
GPS navigational unit to include all the StarMetro bus stops and routes,
below is some info, and endorsements, regarding the Google Transit program,
which is free to all transit providers; notice how compatibility with
devices for the visually impaired is one of their major points.

Transit on Google Maps is a public transportation planning tool that
combines the
latest agency data with the power of Google Maps. It integrates transit
stop, route,
schedule, and fare information to make trip planning quick and easy for

For agencies around the world, Google Maps is a cost-effective solution
at transit novices and seasoned travelers alike. Google Maps is available in
12 different languages
 and is compatible with screen readers for the visually impaired. The
Transit on
Google Maps feature is available on selected mobile devices through
Google Maps for mobile
. Public transportation information is also included in
Google Earth

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Participation can benefit your agency by:
Raising awareness of public transportation
 to attract new riders
Helping seasoned riders
 discover new routes to maximize your infrastructure investment
Linking to your agency website
 to increase rider awareness
Connecting neighboring agencies' data
 to improve inter-agency connectivity
Decreasing traffic congestion
 and environmental effects while increasing mobility
Providing trip planning on both desktop and mobile devices
Doing it all for free
 -- all you have to do is share your data
Learn more
 about sharing your agency information on Google Maps.

New York Governor David A. Paterson said:
Google Maps for Transit is a truly innovative marriage of information and
It is a perfect example of how the public and private sectors can partner
to benefit us all -- and it didn't cost New York taxpayers a penny. I
applaud my
colleagues at the MTA and Port Authority for making this a priority, and our
at Google for continuing to make the world an easier place to navigate."
C 2011 Google

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