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  • Date: Mon, 28 Sep 2009 17:00:00 -0400

Hello all,
right now it's open enrollment time for state workers, which includes
specifying your next year's options such as medical reimbursement
accounts.  if your employers doesn't offer you medical reimbursement
accounts, you should ask why not; these are quite valuable to you, and
the reason for this post.
one thing you can do with your medical reimbursement account, aside from
the obvious one of claiming medical expenses, is to claim expenses
related to being blind (some expenses anyway).  these are counted by the
IRS as medical expenses, and include such items as *any* special
technology for the blind (a screen reader, a book reader, anything whose
description says it's a device specifically meant for the blind).
expenses related to guide dogs, their care and feeding and procurement,
are also covered.
when an expense is covered, this means that you do not have to pay
income tax on that expense.  it's just like getting a 25% discount!
the only thing is that you have to set up next year's account now, and
plan how much money to fund it with; and, if you don't use up that
amount of money, you cannot get it back; so you need to be sure you will
have that much in expenses.
however, if you know that you want to buy a $2000  device such as a note
taker, why not go ahead and plan for perhaps a $500 discount!  that's
right, that's the amount someone in the 25% tax bracket would get back.
Of course, you can also add the amount for prescription medication,
dental work, OTC medications, glasses, etc.


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