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Hi Robert,

Just FYI, many mail packages allow you to turn off responding to read receipt 
requests, or you can set them to ask you if a receipt should be sent.  Other 
readers aren't even capable of responding; so, the lack of any responses isn't 
really significant (you could call their offices and ask if they received your 


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This is wonderful news.  I know Matthew Dietz
in fact a few years back he filed a suit against the city and if I remember 
correctly it was against Tal Tran and pertained to a wheel chair issue by a 
guy that lived in the disabled subsidized apartments on Ross Road.  He use 
to have another attorney that was a professor at FSU that did his leg work 
for him locally.

Maybe I'll give Matt a call. He is also pretty good getting the defendants 
to pay for his legal fees and is the same attorney that handled Darla Rogers 
suit against Protective services which was settled out of court.

When I sent my letter to the city commissioners, I requested a read receipt 
and so far haven't received any thing.


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