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sorry! we does not have free support for the free office version! I checked! and I also been using we on and off for maney years!but mainly off! you know use to jaws! and hard to change!

On 1/24/2015 9:15 PM, Chip and Allie Orange wrote:

I've been a Window-Eyes user from way back (ever since I switched away from 
jaws many years ago), so that is likely to give you my answer already.

While NVDA and WE version 9 are about equal in web reading abilities, there's 
no doubt Window-Eyes does more with other Windows programs than NVDA does; they 
just haven't had the time nor the man power to make all the special-case 
exceptions needed by all these other popular programs.

The specific programs you mention, I just don't know to do a direct comparison 
for each between the two screen readers, but I believe WE has had a lot of 
ThunderBird enhancements done for it with version 9.

As for Windows Live Mail, rumor is nobody supports it all that well, but I know 
WE users are using it.

You will have Outlook I believe as part of your Office, so you can always use 
it (and there's plenty of help and tutorials and books on using Outlook, I'm an 
outlook user, and WE has its own mailing list where you can post any questions 
you have; many messages are about use of Outlook).  They actually have 3 
separate email lists for support, depending on what your question is regarding, 
and WE staff and volunteers monitor all of them.

Which reminds me of the other big difference; WE has a full-time support 
department, which you can call or email for free support any time.  NVDA does 
not (they do have some volunteers who will answer what they can when they have 
time, it's not the same).



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hi everybody, I am a jaws user from way back!
I have 1 more upgrade already payed for! but after that my money is too
tite! so I am going to have to pick between:Window-Eyes or NVDA!
the question I have is: which screenreader would you pick? computer
information below:
1, I am running windows 8.1 on a laptop with a full size keybord.
2, I already have office 2010 pro so that will let me use Window-Eyes
free office version!
3, using Firefox and thunderbird
4, mite start using windows live mail
5, using the SendSpace Wizard
6, also using Skype
7, Sound Forge andGoldWave
8, games
question: so which one would you pick?

Have a nice day from, K4NKZ Jim

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