[tabi] publix web site goes to shoplocal.com good or bad

  • From: "Easy Talk" <easytalk@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Sun, 25 Oct 2009 20:54:31 -0400

Well when I got back home yesterday from home coming at FSB, Sila and I needed 
to go to publix to pick up a few things so I decided to go to there website 
which I use on a weekly bases to see what was on sale. I have worked with there 
marketing department about three years ago when it all of a sudden wasn't 
accessible.  I used the classic version which worked very well.  Well to my 
surprise when I loaded the page, it was totally different and didn't appear to 
be accessible at all.  I spent about an hour trying to figure it out and just 
gave up and we went to the store and got the few things we needed.  However 
this put me in a bad mood since I had spent a good deal of time working with 
publix in the past. 

This afternoon, I decided to look at the site once more.  By the way it is 

As my subject says publix goes shoplocal.com good or bad! well my experiences 
with shoplocal.com haven't been the best but apparently some things have 
changed for the better or for at least the publix part.  Shoplocal.com is a 
large internet advertising company on the web that handles chain and private 
advertising for your community.

When I first went to the new publix page there were a lot of on clicks on the 
page and a few links that certainly didn't get me to where I wanted to be.  
After examining the page from the top, I found text that said "enhanced 
accessibility mode on using flash mode and just below that was a link to switch 
to html mode for better accessibility and bingo it worked beautifully.

I read the accessibility info and found it amusing how the latest accessibility 
test had been with Jaws V9.0 and listed all the jaws commands regarding how to 
bring up a list of links by pressing insert F-6 and the accelerator keys for 
navigating the various heading levels supported by jaws.

After setting my zip code and selecting my store, I was able to move around the 
page and Window-eyes read the links that were in the list automatically.  For 
instance when you get to the weekly add the default is to view by department 
such as baby care buy one get one free, bakery ect.  As the links are read, you 
are also told how many items are on sale.  When you press enter on a department 
link Window-eyes automatically starts reading the item name and price.  I just 
press any key to stop the speech and use down arrow to start reading the list 
of items from the top.  Pressing alt-left arrow takes you back to the list of 
department links at the location you were prior Pressing enter on the item 
links reads a description.  I was able to open coupon links and find the print 

Once you have selected your store and selected the weekly add link, just save 
it to your favorites
by default the link will be  Publix weekly add.  When you go to that link, you 
will be on the add page so you only have to go through the selection process 

I guess I will have to see if shoplocal has done the same for there main site, 
I think the site is


 for that department    

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