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Design report national release
Subject: Participate in the Dangerous by Design report national release
Dear Walking Advocate / Professional -
On May 24th, the
Transportation for America
 campaign and many of its partners are releasing an updated version of the
Dangerous by Design
 report on pedestrian safety.  The report will be released at the national
and locally in many states and regions, providing data on pedestrian
fatalities over
the last 10 years, providing some ranking of metro areas across the country,
ranking counties within a state, and calling on Congress to support the
Streets Bill and to protect dedicated funding for walking and biking.  The
is being released so soon because we want to have it out before the federal
bill is introduced in both houses of Congress.
America Walks is providing advice on the report at the national level, and
we would
definitely appreciate the help of groups affiliated with America Walks in
the following
1. Good Stories
 - while statistics are important, nothing inspires media attention like
good stories.
We are looking for help with local stories that can illustrate the
following, with
the first being the best kind of story for us:
  a.  An example of a place (intersection, crosswalk area, side of the
highway where
people are forced to walk) that was unsafe and where there was a pedestrian
or fatality, but then there was a federal investment in improving the design
of the
facility, and then the safety of the place/facility improved.  We plan to
a couple of the best stories in the report and the national release; stories
improve local press releases in areas that run one of the coordinated media
(see 2, below);
  b. An example of a facility/place that has been made markedly safer by a
investment (e.g., with a Transportation Enhancements or SRTS project)
  c. An example of a pedestrian fatality or serious injury or series of
clearly caused by the poor design of the facility, where there is little
of some other cause for the incident.
2.  Organizing Media Releases
 - We like to know if your organization is interested in hosting or
co-hosting a
local release of the report in your community.  T4America will not be able
to do
local releases of the report in every state with our capacity limits, so
we'd like
to know if your organization has the capacity and interest to be a part of
this release.
In November 2009, we were able to work with local walk, bike, transit,
equity and
health groups across the country to generate many hundreds of stories around
report, and hope to do so again this May.
As always, we strive with this report to balance the attention needed on the
design on many of our nation's roads and the consequences for pedestrians
with the
knowledge that more active transportation options are needed in every
safety is a problem that can and should be addressed.
If you have stories that you can share, or if you are interested in possibly
or co-hosting a local release, please contact Akshai Singh, T4America
, or at (202) 955-5543 x211. Please also Cc me at
Thank you.
Scott Bricker
m. 503.757.8342
Making America a Great Place to Walk!

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