[tabi] our letter to the city commission re StarMetro route changes

  • From: "Chip and Allie Orange" <acorange@xxxxxxxxxxx>
  • To: <tabi@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Thu, 17 Oct 2013 19:46:07 -0400

Hi all,


Below is the text of our letter to the city commissioners at


Dear Mayor Marks, Commissioner Gillum, Commissioner Ziffer, Commissioner
Miller and

Commissioner Maddox:

I would ask that the City Commission reconsider the proposed change to the
Red Hills

and Tall Timbers StarMetro routes, that would eliminate the direct route
from Northeast

Tallahassee to Southwood.

This proposed change is being done in order to provide Southwood residents

access to downtown during the day, at the expense of workers who live in the

and work in Southwood and residents who live in Southeast Tallahassee and
work in

the East and Northeast sections of the city.

According to StarMetro's own June 2009 survey of 2,500 passengers, 93
percent of

passengers have a destination other than downtown


In addition to changing the routes, this proposed change diminishes the
service to

Southwood, from six buses every two hours to just two buses every two hours.

Please deny StarMetro this proposed change when it comes before the

Thank you for your consideration,

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