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  • Date: Sun, 19 Sep 2010 17:40:51 -0400

Hi all,

this is info for anyone who has an office chair which has to sit on carpet,
and so you're forced to put down a chair mat, either to let it roll freely,
or, to protect nice carpet.

I've come across an absolutely great product, which replaces the caster
wheels on an office chair, with highly polished sliding discs which are 5
inches in diameter.  they keep the chair from creating carpet damage with
squashed little indentions, and they also allow it to slide easily across
any sort of carpet.

you don't have to deal with trying to clean chair mats, and you won't have
to trip on the edge of the mat.  also, the chair itself is much more stable,
and less likely to tip over, which is a new OSHA workplace requirement.

you can google on the product name of "woda glide" to find a place to
purchase them; they're $10 each.  they plug into the chair base the same way
the wheels do, so you just unplug the wheels and replace with these
cone-shaped things of hard plastic with a polished slick sliding bottom.

they look like they would work fine on hardwood floors, but they may scratch
it, and they don't make any claims for being suitable for anything other
than rugs.



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