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Hi Sila,

You're welcome of course.

You may know I have a large e-book library, and get frequent requests, and
believe it or not about half still are for the office 2003 suite verses

and we at the PSC are still on 2003, with no immediate plans to convert.
I'm sure the "official" end of life of the suite will force us to, but
there's little advantage for us to do so, and we actually have a financial
arrangement such that we would get the 2007 suite at no extra cost..

for anyone who's interested, there's an add-on product for around $30, which
makes 2007 look like 2003, and all the old keystrokes for menus that you
know are still supposed to be valid in 2007, even if they don't show you


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Ahh, the sweet days of Office 2003! Now it's 2007 and the RIBBON! I'm
getting there though. Chip, thank you for the CCTV info as well.

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        from top tech tidbits news letter:
        Kathy Ann Murtha removed her textbooks related to Office 2003, but
some people
        still want them, so you can get them at lower prices, all three for
$100 or individually
        for $36, if you buy by 19 September, after which they're really gone
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