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I think you're right Friend!

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  Apparently the shoe does not fit in your case there Robert. 

  You took what I said too personally. 

  Yep we are getting allot done here with bickering back in forth. 

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    After reading all the post on this list about the nova2010 plan, I want to 
say the following and then I am going to keep my mouth shut since some people 
think I am attacking Star Metro and not acting with a level  head and I run my 
    and don't go to meetings.

    I have been involved in advocacy for over 20 years and have served on the 
Governors accessible voting task force and followed the AEIT task force around 
the state.  I was also at all the legislative hearings on the AEIT bill which 
looked good up until the last two days of the session when it was stripped
    down so bad to the point it had no enforcement clauses.  I was on the first 
committee that dealt with the guide lines for Para transit service in Leon 
county.  At the time Carol Keo-green was the chair of the TD board and she was 
never at the committee meetings but at board meetings she would just say no we 
aren't going to do that and that is that.  In politics actions like this are 
referred to as the political sausage meal and you might not believe it but I 
have seen it first hand.  One thing I have learned over the years is that 
politicians are going to do what is best to protect there careers.  Nice guys 
finish last.
    For those of you who went to the two TDC board meetings
    that dealt with prioritization of rides will remember when I ask the board 
to establish a committee to look at the impact this would have on the rider 
ship at the first meeting, I was told they had a committee that did that.  
Calvert Durden ask who was on the committee and was told the committee 
consisted of Donna Peacock and Colleen Roland who ironically aren't voting 
members of the board.  It was apparent none of the other members seemed to know 
about the committee.  When this question was brought up at the second meeting 
the members were different but neither William or Carl who are the only 
disabled people on the board were on the committee.  Also the cost per trip 
prices were different from the first meeting to the second, it went from around 
76 dollars to 38.  My point here is to show you that government will say what 
ever is necessary to support there actions.  These are just a few things I have 
seen over the years and is why I am so skeptical of politicians.

    It should be apparent to all of you that the disabled community was not 
considered during the Nova2010 plan.  If they had been considered then Star 
Metro would have stated that service to the disabled would not be affected in 
regards to Para Transit.  Under the current information we have, if a 
particular bus has to pick up say just 2 wheel chairs that particular route 
will definitely not be able to keep its schedule.  If there is a third wheel 
chair then that person will have to wait for the next bus because the other bus 
wouldn't have room for the third wheel chair.  There will also be delays when 
one wheel chair has to be transferred to a connecting bus. I can assure you 
there will be some ADA complaints filed by wheel chair users.  Also remember 
wheel chairs when I post below some direct information from a message posted by 
William a few days ago.

    We all need to remember that each person has there own needs and as 
citizens of Tallahassee have the right to advocate for themselves.  They may 
choose to speak through TCB or NFB or as an individual.  The only way we are 
going to have any affect is if people get involved and in this case I think 
there will be a lot of concerns from the community and not just people with 
    If we really want to be affective on this issue, we need to get other 
people involved who aren't disabled because we are considered a small group and 
the attitude the city has about the disabled community isn't good.  Some of you 
will remember when the lieutenant of operations for TPD came to one of the TCB 
meetings to talk about the enforcement of the White Cane law.  He stated that 
he didn't know about the White Cane law until just before our meeting when he 
was preparing his presentation.  He admitted to using his Black Berry While 
driving and said the city had more important things to deal with such as face 
slapping instead of enforcing the White Cane law.  As Mr.. Scheib stated the 
Nova2010 plan is about mobility not accessibility is the most stupid thing I 
have ever heard.  If the system is not accessible who cares about mobility.  Am 
I skeptical, you better believe I am.

    Now, here is what should be of major concern to all of you.  It is key 
points of the plan and unless a miracle happens most likely isn't going to be 

    q       Routes would no longer circulate within neighborhoods. This will, 
    allow StarMetro to serve a larger population by providing higher frequency 
and better
    service to the most popular destinations.

    This is just totally ridiculous logic.  How do you serve a larger 
population to get to there destinations if you don't go where they live.  A 
trip consist of a starting point and destination not just a destination.

    q       Related to the above, walking distances to StarStops are 
anticipated to increase.
    On the other hand, this will lead to fewer stops, increased mobility, a 
more pleasurable
    riding experience and a healthier community.
    The benefits, however, would far outweigh the few discrete disadvantages, 
which are
    better communicated in a longer visual presentation.
    Star Metro would have a more dependable system going where our patrons want 
to go
    doing so in a timely, efficient fashion.

    This will basically mean the system will not be accessible to a large 
majority of visually impaired, wheel chair users and elderly.  in fact I see 
some reference to changing the type/class of people the system is trying to 
target and it isn't us.

    Personally the new system won't affect me that much since it goes up and 
down capital circle and I am with in 3 quarters of a mile from it.  The only 
affect it will have on me is that I might not be able to visit a friend that 
lives in a neighbor hood which most of us do.  I haven't heard anything about a 
bunch of tents along capital circle or the parkway.  I have posted on this list 
because I care about transportation and think it is vital to have a good system 
especially for the disabled and the linkage between the fixed route system and 
Dial A Ride.  Personally I am in favor of a decentralized system as long as it 
has feeder buses or vans that can get you to the main routes.  As stated on the 
web site, the current plan shouldn't cost more but will give more frequent 
service.  There is no way you can make a system better and decentralize it with 
out spending more money.  Personally based on the current information, I think 
the city is doing this to save money not provide a better service.  If people 
can not get to the bus, they will be empty then the city can say no one uses 
the busses so we are going to stop that service and believe me people this is 
starting to happen all over the u.s.  Reduce and then eliminate.


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